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From Apr. 2016, this department does not accept new students.
The information of professors who belong to this department is posted following websites.
 School of Engineering Department of Information and Communications Engineering
 School of Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 School of Computing Department of Mathematical and Computing Science

Access to the Suzukakedai Campus

 The nearest station: Suzukakedai Station of Tokyu DenenToshi Line
 (Two stops from Nagatsuta Station)
 3 minutes walk from the Station.

 From Shibuya:
  Tokyu DenenToshi Line (Express: bound for Nagatsuta, Chuo-Rinkan)   Tokyu DenenToshi Line (Local: bound for Chuo-Rinkan)  
Shibuya Station 30 min. (8 stops) Nagatsuta Station 4 min. (2 stops) Suzukakedai Station

 From Shin-Yokohama (from Bullet Train Shinkansen):
  JR Yokohama Line (Rapid or Local: bound for Hachioji, Hashimoto)   Tokyu DenenToshi Line (Local: bound for Chuo-Rinkan)  
Shin-Yokohama Sta. 10-15 min. (3-5 stops) Nagatsuta Station 4 min. (2 stops) Suzukakedai Station

Access Map

Campus Map

Campus Map

 The Suzukake-dai Campus (formerly Nagatsuta Campus) was established in 1975. Its name is after the historical story that Plato gave lectures and debates with students under Plantanus (called suzukake in Japanese) trees long ago. Such academic atmosphere is highly respected and expected.

 The campus is located in quiet suburb of Tokyo Metropolis. It is just 3 minutes walk from the Suzukakedai Station of the Tokyu DenenToshi-Line, commuterline connecting centeral part of Tokyo in about 1 hour.

 The campus site exceeds 200,000 square meters, and has green hills and valleys in it. This steep landscape is once referred as Horse's Back. Huge office bulidings are standing out of the beautiful green area.

 The five farthermost buildings belong to the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering. They are referred as G1 through G5 buildings. Other buildings are for Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology (referred as B1 and B2), and major 4 research laboratories and 1 research center, i.e. the Precision and Intelligence Laboratory(R2) , the Imaging Science and Engineering Laboratory(R2), the Chemical Resources Laboratory(R3), the Materials and Structures Laboratory(R1), and the Frontier Collaborative Research Center(S1 and S2). The Inter-Department (J1) building is utilized for both administration and research activities. The the 80th anniversary memorial center is utilized for collaborative research with large-sized equipments.

 In the campus, we also have common facilities such as halls, a library, restaurants, a shop, and etc.. More than 1000 students and staffs study together herein Suzukakedai Campus.

Building Map

 1. The 80th Anniversary Memorial Center for Research Administration Office.
 2. 50m Tunnel of Laser Interference System.
 3. Library.
 4. Ultra-high Voltage Electron Microscope.
 5. Radioisotope Tracer Laboratory.
 6. Water Renovation Plant.
 7. Utility Center.
 8. Graduate School Building G1
 9. Graduate School Building G2
 10. Graduate School Building G3
 11. Graduate School Building G4
 12. Graduate School Building G5
 13. Research Laboratory of M.H.D. Power Generation.
 14. Faculty and Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology(B1.B2).
 15. Inter-departmental Building J1.
 16. Materials and Structurs Laboratory(R3).
 17. Functional Ceramics Laboratories.
 18. Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Imaging Science and Engineering Laboratory(R2).
 19. Laboratory of Resource Recycling.
 20. Research Laboratory of Resources Utilization(R1).
 21. Creative Research Laboratory.
 22. Frontier Collaborative Research Center.
 23. Suzukake Hall : Conference Hall, Meeting Rooms, Cafeteria, Shop