Title Advanced VLSI Systems (高機能VLSIシステム)
Term Autumn Semester   Credits 2-0-0  
Prof. Hideo Maejima Suzukakedai G2 Building, Room 716 (ext.5597)
E-mail: maejima@ip.titech.ac.jp     
Assoc. Prof. Nobuhiko Sugino Suzukakedai G2 Building, Room 809 (ext.5452)
E-mail: sugino@ip.titech.ac.jp
Prof. Kunio Uchiyama
E-mail: kunio.uchiyama.xh@hitachi.com
  VLSI systems can execute various information processing functions at high-speed and with efficiency, and then playing a significant role in achieving advanced information processing systems. Microprocessors, kernels of VLSI systems, and software technologies, like OS and compilers, are lectured. Furthermore, design examples at product levels are also introduced.
  1. Trends of logic VLSIs and microprocessors
  2. Basic microprocessor architectures
  3. Realization of VLSI in information processing algorithms
  4. Design tools and techniques (Exercise-1)
  5. Design tools and techniques (Exercise-2)
  6. Basic compiler technology
  7. Advanced compiler technology
  8. System integration
  9. Design example: architecture design
  10. Design example: high performance techniques and their implementations (1)
  11. Design example: high performance techniques and their implementations (2)
  12. Design example: low power techniques and their implementations
【Texts, etc】
  D.A. Patterson and J.L. Hennessy, "Computer Organization and Design," Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc.       
  It is desirable to study "Fundamentals on VLSI Systems" at spring semester.
【How to Grade】
  Attendance at lectures, a midterm exam, and a term-end examination
【Message form the Lecturer】
  The knowledge about microprocessors and related technologies is to the foundations of VLSI systems.