Intelligent Information System


Autumn Semester  





Yoshinori Hatori


Suzukakedai G2 Building Room #914


E-mail: hatori@ip.titech.ac.jp


Kento Aida


Assoc. Prof.

Takashi Ida



 As advanced computerized society becomes reality, a demand for hyper-functional, hyper-efficient intelligent information systems is skyrocketed in every corners of the society and therefore development of such systems is a crucial technological challenge. In particular, R&D and technological innovation for intelligent processing, such as recognition and understanding of media information that is represented by a picture and a sound, and their hyper-functional implementation are rapidly advancing and their importance grows exponentially.


whole flow
machine learning algorithms
data mining
image transformation and filtering
image segmentation
image object detection
igh-efficiency coding of video signal
speech recognition in mobile phone
perspective on the "ke-tai"service
network hyuman interface
entire summary

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 Lecture notes will be handed out in class.         


This class requires basic knowledge on Information system. You can learn the knowledge through the class "Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing", "Fundamentals on VLSI Systems" in spring semester and, "Statistical Models of Brain and Parallel Computation" in autumn semester.

How to Grade

 homework report and final examinations.

Message form the Lecturer

 This lecture will discuss the newest technologies and R&D trends of the intelligent information systems, with its focus on the media information processing.