Title Foundations of Perceptual systems (感覚システム基礎論)
Term Spring Semester   Credits 2-0-0  
Prof. Keiji Uchikawa Suzukakedai G2 Building, Room 710 (ext.5453)
E-mail: uchikawa@ip.titech.ac.jp     
Prof. Makio Kashino
Assoc. Prof. Hirohiko Kaneko Suzukakedai R2 Building, Room 328 (ext. 5292)
E-mail: kaneko@isl.titech.ac.jp
 The aim of this lecture is to understand the foundations of human visual and auditory systems. We will describe the phenomenal, structural and computational aspects of the information processing of the perceptual systems, showing many experimental data.
  1. Guidance of lecture, Introduction to vision
  2. First steps in seeing
  3. Signaling Changes
  4. Visual cortex
  5. Spatial vision
  6. Color vision
  7. The perception of depth and distance
  8. Eye movements and visual perception
  9. Hearing 1: Auditory filters
  10. Hearing 2: Pitch perception
  11. Hearing 3: Spatial perception
  12. Hearing 4: Auditory scene analysis
【Texts, etc】
  We will use PC Projector and VCR for presentation and distribute handouts for notes.
1. R. Snowden, P. Thompson, T. Troscianko, Basic Vision,Oxford Univ. Press, 2006.
2. S. E. Palmer, Vision Science, MIT Press, 1999.
3.C.J. Plack, The Sense of Hearing, Lawrence Erlbaum, 2005
4.内川惠二,「色覚のメカニズム」,朝倉書店, 1998.
We recommend to take 'Mechanisms for visual perception', which will be held in the autumn semester.   
【How to Grade】
Reports and attendance.
【Message form the Lecturer】
In this lecture, please mind how and why we have known the aspects of perceptual systems, as well as the knowledge of the aspects themselves.